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Below is the list of tools developed in the lab:

  • Mahtab: Phase-wise Acceleration of Software Regression Testing for C with Parallelization Windows (Link: Download Source)
    • Lead Developers: Shouvick Mondal
    • Faculty Advisor: Rupesh Nasre
  • LightHouse: Automatic Code Generation for Graph Algorithms on GPUs (Link: Download Source)
    • Lead Developers: Shashidhar G
    • Faculty Advisor: Rupesh Nasre
  • IIT Madras OpenMP Framework (IMOP) : A compiler framework for source-to-source translations and analyses of OpenMP C programs
    • Lead Developers: Aman Nougrahiya and V Krishna Nandivada
    • Faculty Advisor: V Krishna Nandivada
  • DomLock: A New Multi-Granularity Locking Technique for Hierarchies (Link: Download Artifacts)
    • Lead Developers: Saurabh Kalikar
    • Faculty Advisor: Rupesh Nasre
  • IMSuite: A Benchmark Suite for Simulating Distributed Algorithms
    • Lead Developers: Suyash Gupta and V Krishna Nandivada
    • Faculty Advisor: V Krishna Nandivada
  • Booksim3d (from Booksim)
    • Lead Developer: Prasanna Venkatesh
    • Faculty Advisor: Madhu Mutyam
  • Dramsim+Multi2sim4 integration
    • Lead Developer: TV Kalyan
    • Faculty Advisor: Madhu Mutyam